Find Out If You Have Depression

by Alex Wright

Depression Screening

1. Do you have emotions of despair, emptiness, or hopelessness practically every day, for the majority of the day?

2. Have you lost interest in, or no longer enjoy, all, or nearly all, activities for the majority of the day, nearly every day?

3. Have you seen a substantial change in your weight without dieting or a major change in your appetite?

4. Do you suffer from sleeplessness or excessive drowsiness on a daily basis?

5. Would people who have observed you remark that you have been moving agitatedly or particularly slowly?

6. Do you experience weariness on a daily basis?

7. Do you have emotions of worthlessness or extreme guilt almost every day?

8. Do you have trouble thinking clearly, focusing, or making judgments on a daily basis?

9. Do you experience recurring thoughts of death, suicidal ideation without a plan, or suicidal ideation with a plan, such as thoughts of wondering how to kill yourself"?

***Does any of the foregoing cause you severe distress or impairment in social, occupational, or other vital areas of functioning?

If you replied "yes" to 5 or more of the questions AND the last question, you have depression and should get assistance.

If you replied "yes" to any of the questions in bold, you should seek professional assistance.

If you replied "yes" to 3-5 questions, you should be concerned, whether or not you are diagnosed with depression.

If you replied "yes" to 1-2 non-bold questions, your problem is most likely not caused by depression.

*The preceding questions are based on the DSM-5, or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Version 5, which is one of the main texts used in the diagnostic procedure in the United States.

If you experience suicidal thoughts, talk to a trusted loved one or mental health professional about them.