Googling "How to Kill Yourself"

by Alex Wright

Distortions in Cognitive Function, Such As Wondering How to Kill Yourself

Cognitive distortions are erroneous notions that might affect how you feel. Everyone has cognitive distortions; it's a natural aspect of being human. When cognitive distortions are excessive or severe, they can be hazardous, such as wondering how to kill yourself" or thinking, "I want to die."

Catastrophizing is a prevalent sort of cognitive error. When catastrophizing, the significance of a situation is overstated, or the worst-case scenario is considered to be correct. Many of these cognitive distortions may be corrected by learning to challenge your own views.

What is it that you are concerned about? Why do you wonder how to kill yourself?

How probable is it that your concern will be realized?


Give examples of previous experiences or other facts to back up your argument.

What's the worst that may happen if your fear comes true?

What is the most likely outcome if your fear comes true?

What are your odds of surviving if your fear comes true?

Percentage in one week? Percentage in one month? Percentage in one year?